Club Director

Indoor Volleyball:

When Nate started playing volleyball during senior year of high school he had no idea the ride he was in for! He was so bad at first that he got kicked off of his first club team.

The experience fired him up. So did riding the bench his entire sophomore season of college. Nate worked hard to eventually earn MVP and CCVC All-State honors by his senior season playing indoor volleyball at UC Davis.

In 2014, Nate moved to Colorado for graduate school and began regularly training for and competing in local beach volleyball tournaments.

Beach Volleyball:

Upon completing graduate school at CU Boulder in 2016, he made the move to Hermosa Beach where his efforts training in beach volleyball resulted in qualifying for the 2017 AVP Manhattan Beach Open and winning multiple open tournaments.


Nate moved back to Colorado in 2018 with the goal to share the knowledge, resources and top-level coaching that he had been exposed to while living in Hermosa. He now lives in Evergreen, CO where he runs Flourish Beach (summer/fall) and Aretas Volleyball Club (winter/spring) -- serving the Denver foothills community with youth and adult volleyball programs. In addition to still competing on the beach as much as possible, Nate enjoys mountain biking, hiking, reading, and tai-chi.

 Nate believes that success is the action of doing your best - something he strives for on a daily basis!

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Development Program Head Coach


I grew up in Colorado Springs where unknown to me, I was developing a future coaching philosophy that
would become an obsession to help young people deal with the hurdles of learning and become self-
motivated to learn. As a former national class athlete I had the good fortune to have some great
coaches but also had to tolerate verbal abuse from adults that used their position of power in sport in a
very negative way and truly did not consider the ramifications on the athletes they were purportedly

Volleyball entered my life in college. My then-girlfriend & now wife Sherri (Nov 1986), a former all-city
player at Kennedy HS, asked me to join a rec team at CSU and I fell in love with the sport (I was already
in love with Sherri). We began our doubles career after college where I continued to learn much over
the years.
Sherri and I are the proud parents of two children, Shannon and Flynn. They are why coaching entered
my life. I started coaching in 2004 because I wanted to introduce my children to basketball, a sport I love
and to share the learning experience with them. That was 16 years ago and I certainly have grown up
and learned valuable lessons with each team I coach (100+ & Counting) and try to apply those lessons to
my coaching.

I am a coach geared toward the mental aspects of learning in a competitive environment and guiding my
players outside of their comfort zones in order to push past their capabilities to improve their abilities,
while learning to overcome the mental trials that come along. I do this through praise, imagery and

Coaching history:
Susan M. Duncan Y – Volunteer Coach (2004-2019)
Susan M Duncan Y - Summer Volleyball Camp; Director/Head Coach, (2015-),
Gold Crown - Head Coach (2010-) Currently at A-West HS
A-West H.S. 6th-8th Grade Gold Crown Volleyball - Program Director/Head Volleyball Coach (2016-)
CORE Values (2018-) 14u 2018-19, 13u & 14u 2019-2020